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Petro Tavan Arad (PTA) is a business enterprise company that has been established with the most expertise in at least six main categories since October 2023 as follows:

1- Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries
2- Industries and Mines
3- Agriculture, Foods and Crops
4- Medicine and Pharmacy

5- Legal Affairs and Contracts

6- Consultancy and Education Affairs

Registration No.: 619667

National ID:  14012632782

Building exterior in Toronto, Canada


Petro Tavan Arad (PTA) has many determined activities based on the memorandum. The main categories for the activities of the company are as follows:

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO): Mr. Reza Sabahi

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Head of Section:

Mr. Hezaveh-ee & Mr. Velayati

Industries & Mines

Head of Section:

Mr. Morshed-Zadeh

Agriculture, Foods and Crops

Head of Section:

Mr. Cheravi & Ms. Badakhshan

Medicine and Pharmacy

Head of Section:

Dr. Asadzadeh & Dr. Hakkak-Zadeh

Legal Affairs and Contracts

Head of Section:

Dr. Koosha

Consultancy and Education Affairs

Head of Section:

Mr. Velayati, Dr. NoroozOliaei & Mr. Ghasemi

“Let us Make the World Great!”

Dr. Mahdi NoroozOliaei


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